Workplace Wellness

The Duo Tax team with their new desk buddies

The Duo Tax team with their new desk buddies

In this fast-paced world, we’re more connected with the digital world than our physical surroundings. It’s important to ground ourselves and reconnect with the environment around us.

This is particularly important as we all try to balance work, life and commitments. In the workplace, we often find ourselves working towards deadlines, running projects and hitting targets, so it’s vital to encourage balance, and introduce activities to help promote a workplace well-being culture.

To help, we have designed a series of workshops to inspire individuals to reconnect with nature, get their hands dirty and cultivate a healthy mind.

These workshops will also introduce greenery into the work place. Not only does this brighten the office, but will also assist in removing sources of indoor pollution, like volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted from office furniture, paint and even carpet. Having just three to six indoor plants can help reduce the amount of VOCs in the office to below 100 parts per billion (ppb)* - well below the Australian recommended level of 500 ppb.

To learn more about workshops or to book, please get in touch.