Introduction: Leaf an Impression


Hello. I’m Tammy Huynh (pronounced Hwin), a horticulturist based in Sydney.

They say great things happen when you take the leap. And so I did. At the end of last year, I left full-time work to pursue my own business in horticulture, 'Leaf an Impression’. What started off as a side hustle has turned into my only hustle; boy, does it make me so damn happy.

I write, create content, host workshops, style homes and offices with plants and play plant doctor, too (mostly to friends who have me on speed dial, no joke).

Follow my journey as I share tips on how to look after your plants, troubleshoot issues, provide inspiration, share stories behind collectors and growers and document my journey as a small business owner.

Ask questions, give feedback or just enjoy! Regardless of what you do, always remember, great things happen when you take the leap.

Be brave enough to jump.

And tell me about it when you do.

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